Places to visit

Island Obonjan

Island Obonjan can be reached by boat, and it is a great place to spend a day, and night! It has great bars and beaches where you can relax and enjoy.


Vodice are small town very popular in the summer season. If you ever miss crowd’s and people while on Prvić , take a trip to Vodice! You will find yourself surrounded with bars, restaurant and clubs.


Šibenik is our main city. With it’s rich history, amazing architecture and historical locations to visit, there are also numerous different bars and restaurants to check out!

National park Krka

National park Krka is our national pride which provides us with clean, pure water for centuries. It s an oasis for a soul. Looking at hers waterfalls and streams connects you with the nature. It s reachable by car or by boat from Šibenik or Vodice.

National park Kornati

National park Kornati consists of more than 300 islands. You can only reach it by boat, and it is ideal for a day visit full of sun, clean sea and good restaurants.