The island Prvic

Situated in the Šibenik archipelago, about half a mile from the mainland, in the vicinity of Vodice. The whole island is under protection of the Croatian Ministry of Culture since the island is considered a cultural heritage. . Its main claim to fame is as the burial place of the renowned Croatian scholar and inventor Faust Vrancic, often described as the Croatian Leonardo da Vinci,

There are 2 villages on the island, Luka and Šepurina.

Villa Marceline is located in the village Luka. This small picturesque village will make you fall in love in Dalmatian islands. So small that there are no cars or any kind of motorized vehicles on the island with only 100 inhabitants during the year. Village itself has all necessity you might need  while on vacation. Post office, grocery shop, fresh market, hotel, restaurants, bar, church, museum.