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The village of Prvic Luka
, one of two villages on Prvic Island in Croatia (the other being Sepurine), lies at the south end of the island opposite the small islet of Lupac and the larger island of Zlarin to the southeast. Its main claim to fame is as the burial place of the renowned Croatian scholar and inventor Faust Vrancic, often described as the Croatian Leonardo da Vinci, whose 17th century masterwork, Machinae Novae, described inventions as varied as tide mills, suspension bridges and the parachute.

It is situated in the Šibenik archipelago, about half a mile from the mainland, in the vicinity of Vodice. The whole island is under protection of the Croatian Ministry of Culture since the island is considered a cultural heritage.

On the island you will find one hotel, several restaurants, dalmatian konoba (traditional dalmatian type of restaurant) and several bars; a post office, grocery shop, fresh market every morning and tourist office.